Class of 1965

To all fellow graduates and DHS classmates:

We are now exactly 7 weeks away from our class reunion.  We have been anticipating this for many months and it is hard to believe that we are now almost there.

It is now important to know how many are actually coming – I know that there are some that are considering but we have not heard definitely whether you are or are not coming.  We need to confirm numbers for our caterer for Saturday supper.  We also want to encourage everyone to write their “life story” to share – there are those that can’t come but would very much like to read these.  We would compile them then and send them on to those graduates.  Be prepared to also read them sometime on the weekend.  So, just reviewing what we have already decided:

  • Dates – Aug 29 – 30
  • We will gather Saturday afternoon then later enjoy a catered evening meal.
  • Sunday – light breakfast, disbanding in the afternoon.
  • Will be held at the Rosebud Hall,  just north of the 4 way stop to Didsbury on the 2A highway .  On the east side of the highway.
  • Didsbury Museum Tour @ 2:00 on Sunday
  • Don’t forget pictures and other memorabilia
  • Cost… Depending on numbers… approx… $30.00 per person.
  • Feel free to bring snacks, drinks of choice…

We may well have missed something, please – do not hesitate in suggesting your ideas.  We want all of you to be involved as much as possible.  Looking forward to reconnecting.

See you August 29/30

Betty , Sheila and Judy